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The # 1 Secret To Making 
Profit Rich Stock Trades
Jack Carter
Dear Trading Friend,  

    Your decision to read this report is probably going to turn out to be the smartest move you ever made.  
     The secret you are about to read about here has already been tested and proven to work and has already generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues for myself, and that very select group of people who use my trading system.

     Consider this: The secret has generated trading profits throughout the largest up and down market in history.  

     And this: The secret allows you to make the largest and easiest profits the stock market has to offer.  

     And this: The secret you will put you light years ahead of every other investor and trader you know.  

     And this: I still use this secret… even in my retirement account.  

     Now listen, somewhere along the line, you’re going to realize that the information is worth thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands) of dollars to you and you’re going to start wondering why I’m revealing this insider secret to you.  

     The reason is rather interesting. 

     You see, I’ve created a private website that people use to get the latest stock picks, strategy training, personal help and some stuff I can't reveal here… 

     However, a person has to see what my trading system is all about to tell how valuable it is.  

     Therefore, I have decided to reveal my #1 Secret To Making Profit Rich Stock Trades in this report so you can discover for yourself just how good the the picks and training are. 

     And then, after you’ve read the rest of this report, you’ll learn how to join the private website.  

     It’s up to you. 

     Even if you decide not get strategic trader training and personal help, you will still have received a priceless secret because of this report.  

     Either way, I want to thank you for giving me this chance to prove myself to you.  

Sincerely and with Respect,  

     Before you read one word of this report, I want to thank you for getting it. It was a very wise decision on your part to take me up on this. 

      I also want to let you know that, even though we don’t know each other, I care about your stock trading success and what you’ll learn here will help you succeed.  

     My method is the result of having millions of dollars of my own money on the line and the experience of having been a Wall Street trained stockbroker... a Nasdaq Market Maker... and... a “fast money” hedge fund trader.

     My trading record is a matter of public knowledge. I even had it notarized...

     I’ll give you The #1 Secret in just a minute but first let me tell you a secret about myself and how I made this discovery…  

     Let's begin with me explaining my own story first…  

     My name is Jack Carter. 

     As of this writing, I have over 30 years and close to one billion dollars in trading experience. 

     That’s not a misprint. 

     I started in 1984 and traded throughout the largest up and down market in history. 

     I’ve been a stockbroker, a Nasdaq Market Maker, a professional day trader and a “fast –money” hedge fund manager.  

     I’m not telling you all this to impress you… rather, to impress upon you that, when it comes to stocks and trading, I have done it all. And I can help you make money using my experience.  

     How the secret was discovered...  
     In 1994, I left my position as a Nasdaq Market Maker to trade a professional account.

     After six years of making money on the front lines of the trading trenches, I decided to put together a portfolio of strategies based on my trading as a Nasdaq Market Maker, hedge fund trader “fast money” day trader, and short term (two to ten days or longer if it’s a runaway winner) trader.  

     To prove my strategies work, I put myself in your shoes. 

     You see, I’m not the kind of guy that just "talks the talk,” I actually “walk the walk” as well. 

     To put myself in the shoes of a typical online trader, I opened an account with Schwab (since they are the most popular). 

     I deposited $25,000 and limited myself to doing only about 10 trades per month. 

     The result, after 1 full year of trading, using nothing more than the strategies that I teach and the resources available for free over the Internet, was +286%.  

     I took my trades to a CPA and they gave me this compilation report...
     Here’s where it gets even more exciting…    

     Next, I analyzed my most profitable trades throughout the largest up and down market in history. 

     Here's why...

     I did this because I was looking for a way that anyone could use to make profit rich stock trades. 

     You see, the strategies I used to make the return in the CPA’s report consisted of a lot of different strategies, some day trading stuff and even using options from time to time.  

     Even though all the different trading strategies worked, some were either too exotic or too advanced for the average guy.  

     So I spent the next four years developing a step –by- step system for making multiple point gains in the stock market and, once again to prove it worked I put my own money on the line...  

     The other thing I’ve got to tell you up front is that this is NOT some fluke that has worked only for me, like lightning striking some guy in the middle of an Iowa cornfield.  

     The way that I trade may seem a little unusual, but everything that I’m doing has been done and is being done by lots of other people.  

     Once you have a laptop computer, notebook or even a smartphone and an Internet connection, you’ll be able to trade online from anywhere‚ home, office or even while on vacation. 

     I’ve traded online from just about everywhere in the United States, and even on vacation outside the U.S. 

     So, I want you to know that every part of this is for real. 

     First off, let me share a secret with you that will give you a huge advantage when it comes to stocks...
     When you go to look for stocks to trade, there are two different ways of approaching the stock market... 

     Those two different ways of looking for a stock are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. 

     In other words from a “predicative” view or “reactive” view. 

     The guys doing fundamental analysis read tons of stuff. 

     They read all the company press releases, stacks piled to the ceiling of Wall Street analyst’s reports (what a joke) from every brokerage firm on Wall Street. 

     They read the company’s quarterly earnings reports (what a lie).  

     Ever read one of these? 

     These company produced quarterly reports and annual reports are filled with jargon and accounting language that nobody can understand and some of which seems to be totally made up. Like the “synthetic lease” found in one of Krispy Kreme Donut’s quarterly reports.  

     The fundamental analysts read all this stuff and more, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum...

     From all these piles of crap they come up with calculations and stock price valuations to determine if a stock’s price is overvalued or undervalued and from there they try to “predict” the stock’s price movement. 

                               Fundamental Analysis Is 
                                A Total Waste Of Time!  

     There are two reasons fundamental analysis is a total waste of time.  

#1. The reason is because you cannot rely upon any information you get from the company you are researching or from Wall Street analysts. 

     Before I found success as a trader I was trained as a stock broker on Wall Street so I’m telling you this as an insider –

         Company Management’s Job Isn’t To Tell You The      
                 Truth…. It’s To Get You To Like The Stock!  

     Same thing with Wall Street analysts, company management blows smoke up their skirt and the next thing you know the analyst’s brokerage firm is issuing a “strong buy” recommendation.  

#2. Wall Street brokerage firms have already been busted for “conflict of interest” when it comes to recommending stocks. They would issue “buy recommendations” then talk amongst their peers and friends about what a piece of shit the company was.  

      Nobody On Wall Street Cares If YOU Make Money...
                  They Only Care If THEY Make Money!  

     You cannot trust any information you get from a company or from Wall Street! 

     Since you cannot trust any information from the company or Wall Street analysts, any time you spend on fundamental analysis is a complete and total waste of time...

     Back in the old days... 1970's... 80's and 90's...using a stockbroker or fundamental research might have given you an edge...
Stockbroker 1984
But in today's high speed internet age... 
information travels at the the speed of light...
     And all this information is already reflected in the stocks price...
     And... that leads us away from fundamental analysis, into technical analysis. Technical analysis is “reactive.” 

     And that’s what I like about it.  

     Understand something: I don’t try to predict anything. 

     I simply react to a stock’s price movement. 

     I like to ride trends in a stocks price.

     If the stocks price starts moving up, I react by buying it. 

     It’s a reactive trading approach and it all starts with...

              Stocks That Are Already Moving Up In Price! 

     Stick to this first rule and... 

                   Everything You Do In The Stock Market 
                                   Becomes 100% Easier! 

     If applied correctly, this list of stocks can also put you... 

     Light Years Ahead Of Every Other Investor You Know!

     Your biggest short cut to short term trading success is getting the list of stocks already moving up in price because...

     Once An Object Is In Motion... It Tends To Stay In Motion!
     Therefore, one way to profit off that “object in motion” concept as it relates to the stock market is to start with a list of... 

               Stocks That Are Already Going Up In Price!  

     When you confine yourself to trading only and exclusively stocks that are moving up in price like the one shown in this chart, you drastically swing the odds of a profit rich trade in your favor!  

     Please do not discount the importance of what I have just explained to you. 

     Trading stocks that are already going up in price when you find them in pre-existing trends is the very core of the stock trading system. 

This is the #1 “secret to making profit rich stock trades!

     And, more importantly, this can be your “secret key” to turning very small trades into very big trading profits.  

     OK, now here’s another key concept I want to share with you…
Buy High And Sell Higher!
     A lot of idiots out there preach the old “buy- low, sell-high concept. 

     Problem is, no one can pick tops and bottoms… no one… and… if they tell you they can… they’re stone cold lying.  

     So, rather than mess around with that garbage, it’s much easier and far more profitable to buy high and sell higher.  

                                  Even In A Down Market

     Check this out... 

     In January 2016, the stock market had a rough start. 

     On one particular day, the New York Stock Exchange recorded 1,387 stocks hitting new 52-week lows, while 866 sank to new lows on the Nasdaq, the most on a single day since Aug. 24 for both exchanges.

     Yet, what most people don’t know is that, at the very same time, 6 stocks were making a new 52 week high on the NYSE and 4 stocks were making a new 52 week high on Nasdaq.

     This little known fact reveals a secret that lies deep in the market…

     No matter what is happening in the world or on Wall Street… even when the market is crashing… there are ALWAYS stocks making a new high.  

     Trading stock making new highs is the best way for you to take advantage of the stocks that rise in price by several dollars per share in the magic 2 to 10 day time window.  

     Not only is this 2 to 10 day time frame one of the best times to trade … it may be easier and more profitable for you than day trading or buy and hold investing. 

     That may seem funny to hear coming from a former Nasdaq Market Maker who sat in front of a computer all day from bell to bell, burning his retinas out day trading...

     But… after reviewing the feedback of over 20,000 traders and having personally trained thousands of people to make money in the stock market, I can tell you that this type of trading is easily mastered by people brand new to trading and especially people starting over as a trader.  

     Now is your chance to get weekly stock picks, trader training and over $5,000 in free bonuses when you join our private members only website.