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Superior Information publishes opinionated stock and options information for traders and investors.

The company was founded in 1997 by me, Jack Carter.

I began as a Wall Street trained stockbroker in 1984. 

In my career I've been a stockbroker, a Nasdaq Market Maker... and... a “fast money” trader.  And I'm known as one of the best traders in history and top consultant. 

I'm famous for making 286% in 1 year trading stocks and options using my own money in an online trading account, having it analyzed by a CPA, then publishing the strategies I used.

However, my success didn't happen overnight. 

I also lost money. A lot of money. And spent 12 years going through an up and down roller coaster ride.

During this brutal process I discovered some secrets to getting better results in the stock and options markets. 

Like the secret I used to make 286% in 1 year. 

Superior Information was founded to solve the problems investors and traders have in the stock and options market and help them get better results. 

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For Traders Since 1997

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