Yes! I Want Trend Point Software 
And Stock Trader Training
First, I'll listen as you tell me about your current stock trading plan, your trading process and your goals. Then based on what you tell me, we'll create a plan of action for you to get better results and we'll both decide if Trend Point Software and Training is right for you.

Jack Carter
Here's How The Process Works...
$100 Refundable Deposit

First, I collect a $100 "real person" deposit. This is completely refundable and it's just to keep the time-wasters at bay. You get it back immediately after we talk (or whenever you want.)

Quick Questionnaire

Second, I give you a brief questionnaire so I can learn more about your trading, investing and plans. This helps me prepare for our conversation in advance so we can get the most out of it.

Schedule The Call

Next, my office will schedule our call together. We can typically be on the phone together within 24 hours.

Delivering The Plan

When we talk, I will listen to exactly how your trading works now and what you want to accomplish. Then we'll decide if Trend Point is right for you.

If you decide to become a client, here's what we do for you...
Get You Set Up With 
Trend Point Software

Trend Point Software gives you the top trending stocks every single day the stock market is open. Plus you'll get the color coded charts, daily bars and color coded Trend Points. You can also build a watch list and check on any stock simply by typing in the symbol.

Give You Trend Point 
Stock Trader Training

The Trader Training includes 17 Video Training Sessions, all stored online, in the Member's Only area for easy access. You will learn the step by step profit rich stock trading method in this video series. 

Give You 
Ongoing Support

Once you become a client you get support so you'll never be left alone.

Give You Free 
Updates For Life!

As we add new features to the Trend Point Software and Training, you'll get free updates anytime we make changes.

The total cost to have us get you set up with Trend Point software and training and provide you with ongoing support is just one payment of $3970 for unlimited access. 

First I would like to talk to you personally and help you with a trading plan and see if this software and training can truly be of benefit to you.

Keep in mind I won't try to convince you to get the software and training. If I don't think it's a good fit, I would rather just give you some trading tips, refund your deposit and call it a day.

Sound good?

Then let's get started...