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From: John MacDonald
Tuesday, 2:47 pm

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in possibly making all the money you've ever wanted from the stock market, this message will be the most important thing you ever read.

Here's what it’s all about:

As you most likely know, over the lat year, millions of hard-working American have lost—out on the bull market they would need to take care of them in their “Golden Years”.

However, what you most likely don’t know is, during this same period of time, a small group of traders have been secretly gathering at a private location where they are getting elite-level stock picks, training and insider information that is allowing them to quietly take ultra-generous profits out of the market... despite...

• The unstable economic climate...

• Record-sized market swings (actually, this works in their favor)...

• The current power structure in Washington...

• What the mainstream media is reporting (or mis-reporting)... or...

• Any other seemingly unfavorable factor affecting the market.

Where is this private location?

Is it tucked away in some wealth and privacy-favorable country like Switzerland, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein? 

 Or, is it in some other secluded offshore financial haven in the Bahamas or Cayman Islands? 

  Not at all.

  In fact, it’s not even a physical place. 

  It’s a private, virtual location, online. A “Member’s Only” web site that contains everything you need to know to take outsized profits from the stingiest of market conditions.

  The reason why I know about it is because it’s a web site developed by my friend and colleague, Jack Carter.

  Jack’s a true veteran trader who’s seen it all during his 30 years in the stock market. He started out as a Wall Street-trained stock broker. Then he became a NASDAQ Market Maker. After that, he managed a “fast money” hedge fund (where he once traded $8 million worth of stock in a single day). 

  And now, he’s a private, professional stock trader and mentor to thousands of successful stock traders in over 43 countries worldwide. 

  All told, he has nearly $1,000,000,000.00 (that’s one billion dollars with a “B”) in trading experience…much of that...

                             With His Own Money On The Line!

  Now, for the first time ever, you can get all his insider secrets and stock picks
                                                      FREE !

  Not long ago, Jack sent out an exclusive invitation to a select group of his students about a new course he had developed. 

 And actually, it wasn’t just a course, but a class (done through e-mail) that was held over a period of 6 weeks. 

 The enrollment fee was $2,855, and it included weekly lessons along with assignments they had to complete and turn in for review and feedback. The class filled quickly—as there was a strict limit of 21 students—and was a smashing success, for both Jack and his students. 

 However, even though it was a big success, in the end, he decided it took up way too much of his time. So, he made it a one-time-only event.  

 This bothered him though.  

 You see, he had put a lot of time and effort into the class… and… he didn’t want to see it all go to waste. Especially after seeing the incredible results his students achieved. 

 But, at the same time, he couldn’t justify giving up the time to do the class again.  

 Not sure what to do next, he put the idea out of his mind for a while. 

 Then, one day, while in his office, inspiration struck. He got the idea to take the class and turn it into a course. 

 A course designed to take you from where you are now—wherever that may be—to the ranks of super-successful stock trader for the rest of your life. 

 So that’s what he’s done. He took out the assignments and personal feedback... but nothing else. 

 Here are some of the advanced, profit-rich stock trading secrets you’ll be learning for free...
  •   How to get the exact list of stocks—every day, and for free—that are 97% certain to go up in price! (Priceless) 
  •   Why it’s crucially important to lay down a proper “foundation” before you start trading... and... how to do it!
  •   How he made a 286% return on his investment in 12 months trading stocks—less than part-time—in a regular online account at Schwab.
  •   The 8 key components of his profit-rich trading system!
  •   Why the stock market is the perfect “business” and is willing to make you as wealthy as you want to be!
  •   A true story that reveals why you should never, ever rely on stock picking services, stock brokers, Wall Street analysts or most so called “trading gurus” for your stock trading success! (The guy in this story was down $500,000—that’s half-a-million dollars—before he called Jack.)
  •   How to avoid being part of the “Dumb Money” crowd! (The “Dumb Money” crowd is the vast majority of investors and traders that make the insiders filthy rich. And unless you know how the insiders play them and the nearly 100% unfair rules of the game… you’ll automatically become part of the “crowd”!)
  •   What “scared money” is and why you can’t trade profitably with it! 
  •   The only type of trading account you should trade from. (He makes this simple by explaining everything you need to know... and... he even gives you a short list of his top recommendations.)
  •   The mindset you must have if you want to trade successfully. (This tip all by itself has turned countless traders from losers into winners almost instantly!)
  •   Why all stocks are equally worthless! (If you want to be a successful trader, you must embrace this contrarian piece of wisdom. All real traders understand and live by this notion. You will too after you hear what he has to say.)  
  •   How you can be WRONG 50% of the time and still make HUGE profits trading stocks!
  •   The core secret behind his trading strategy! (This secret makes everything you do in the stock market 100% easier... and... has already made people untold millions!)
  •   Why you want to buy HIGH and sell HIGHER! (Another piece of contrarian wisdom you want to embrace and live by.)
  •   The only type of stocks you want to trade! (Trading this “class” of stocks allows you to eliminate large losses and accelerate overall gains for maximum profits!)
  •   The best and highest competitive trading advantage you can have! (The good news is: He will show you exactly where you can get this advantage… and… it’s absolutely free!)
  •   How the physical law of “Inertia” applies to stocks… and... how to use this little-understood principle to flood your account with outstanding trading profits! 
  •   Two key factors that allow you to take advantage of (that is, profit from) the multiple point gains stocks make in the magic 2 to 10-day trading window!
  •   Why trading in the magic 2 to 10-day window is far superior to Day Trading… especially for people just starting out! ( He came to this conclusion after reviewing feedback from over 20,000 traders.) 
  •   How to find the “cherries” to trade every single day the market is open!
  •   The single most important criteria for picking the right stock to trade!  
  •   How to put the odds of winning dramatically in your favor!
  •   What “lack of overhead supply” does to a stock’s price... and... why this is important!
  •   Which stocks deliver profit-rich trades no matter what the overall market is doing! (Even when the Dow had one of its largest point drops in history (just after 9/11) you still could’ve profited big with these stocks!)  
  •   What he discovered when he analyzed thousands of his own trades throughout one of the largest up and down markets in history... and... how to use this knowledge for maximum trading success!
  •   How to—in three seconds or less—find out if a stock is good to trade!
  •   The REAL way to use stock charts to eliminate deadwood stocks and find the cherries to trade!
  •   The stocks you want to automatically eliminate from your radar! (This saves loads of time and prevents costly mistakes. 
  •   How and when to get into a trade!
  •   Why you want to buy stocks “At-The-Market” and how to do it!
  •   A stock chart example that shows you what a perfect entry point looks like... and... how to duplicate it!
  •   A simple exit strategy that boosts confidence! (This works great when you are just starting out—or starting over—as a trader and you want to put together a string of profitable trades.)
  •   How to use a “Stop Order” to get maximum gains without the risk of riding the stock’s price back down to where you bought it at! 
  •   How to use a “trailing stop” to lock in your profits as a stock moves higher! (This exit strategy is fantastic because it not only gets you out of a trade if the market moves against you... but also... it adjusts upward as the stock rises!)
  •   How to use “The Math Trick” to determine exactly when you need to exit every trade you make from now on! (If you can add and divide, you can use this “trick” to determine how much profit to take or how much loss to take before you exit... thus... dramatically increasing your bottom-line results.) 
  •   And So Much More...
These lessons are amazing. 

Other people have already paid $2855 for these lessons. 

And again, Jack is giving them to you FREE. 

Along with this amazing course, he's also going to give you these free gifts...
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Options Accelerator Program 
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The purpose of this class was to help traders get better results by trading strategically based on their unique goals.

Here's what you get...
Plus all the newsletters and the videos from the live webinars…  
All told, you are getting…  
$5,915 In FREE GIFTS 
But why is he doing this? 

Has he gone temporarily insane and just decided to try and run his business by giving EVERYTHING away free?  

 Not exactly. 

 There’s a method to his madness. 

 It’s nothing sinister, though. 

 In fact, it’s a win-win situation.  

 Let me explain: First, he's only able to do this because of advances in data storage and delivery technology. 

 You see, back in the good ole days, in 1997, when Jack first started training students in his methods, he would’ve had to deliver all this material on paper and ink and VHS tapes. And that would have cost him a small fortune. 

 In fact, because the site is updated weekly with new stock selections, those conditions make an offer like this completely impossible. 

 However, now, he can deliver ALL this information to you on one simple website that can be accessed 24 hours a day from any computer, tablet or smartphone

 Second, this offer is a bribe… a shameless bribe to get you to try Jack’s, private…

  Profit-Rich Trades “Members Only” Web Site

I’ve reviewed the site personally and I believe it is the best trader-training web site on the entire Internet.

Here’s why...

 First of all, as soon as you log in, you will see a feature that will instantly...

        Improve Your Odds Of Success By 85%!

 It’s true. 

 Research has uncovered a “measure-of-the-market” that’s remarkably accurate at pre-judging successful trading conditions. 

With this new measurement tool, you’ll NEVER be on the wrong side of the market again. 

It’s simple to understand too. You’ll see a green, yellow or red indicator. And just like a stoplight, green means go, yellow means proceed with caution... and... red means stop.

 So, within 5 seconds or less (each trading day), you’ll know the current market conditions in the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500... and... whether or not you should be trading. 

 Pretty neat, huh? In fact, if that’s all you got from the web site, it would be an amazing service. 

 But, it gets even better. 

Here’s exactly what you’ll receive when you sign up...

Profit-Rich Trading “Members Only” Web Site Components:  

1. A unique username and password for instant access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer.

2. Daily Market Barometer: The Color-Coded “Measure-Of-The-Market” (discussed above) — Value = PRICELESS 
  It’s impossible to put a value on this feature. It’s like having a little stock market genie telling you—in an instant, every day—yes, maybe or no. What’s that worth? Could easily be thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, you can’t get this tool anywhere else in the world... it’s exclusive and proprietary to Jack.

3. The Profit-Rich Stock List — Value = PRICELESS
This feature is also priceless. You see, each and every week, Jack has special software that will generate a minimum of 3 to 5 stocks you can trade. 

There will be both long and short picks available that already fit the Profit-Rich Trading System criteria. 

 Now, here’s what makes this priceless. You can play these picks as big or as small as you want. If you’re a time-starved trader or you just want to pick up extra profits without thinking... no sweat, no analysis required. 

 However, if you want to go BIGGER, by all means, feel free. There are many strategies you are going to learn that will—with a little extra effort—allow you to play these picks for all they’re worth. 

So again, for many this could be worth thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to you. 

 4. A New Member’s Quick-Start Report from Jack that will show you how to get the most from the site. 

 5. The Profit-Rich Trading Education Center — Value = PRICELESS.

       This is where members will receive FREE education... including... 

 • The Profit Rich Stock Trading eCourse (A $2855 Value)... 

 • Special Situations Reports 

 • Strategy updates 

• And much, much more! 

 There’s no way to value this feature, either. PLUS... you’re getting the special situation strategies, as well. So yet again... for many this could be worth thousands to hundreds of thousand of dollars. 

 6. Market updates posted weekly. 

Plus all the free bonuses...
That's $5,915 in FREE GIFTS when you join today!
The total value of what you are getting here is priceless.

This is the fastest and easiest way to get going because we do all the hard work and spoon feed you the cream of the crop ... the exact step by step instructions to follow.

OK, now on to the price.

Your investment for a Profit Rich Trades membership is normally $3997 for one year... however ...

If you subscribe now I’ll will discount your subscription from $3997 to just $1497...

And as an added Free BONUS #7... Lifetime Access.

This means you'll never go another day without stock picks and the best training on the planet.

This truly is the offer of a lifetime if you’re at all serious about pulling outsized profits from the market no matter what’s happening in the outside world. 

Get started now before this offer expires!

 John MacDonald

P.S. The stock picks you'll get are designed to give you the largest and easiest profits the stock market has to offer. And the free training gives you an unfair advantage.

PPS. Jack just added four additional special free reports to the web site.        

P.P.S. One Last Thing: If you join now, Jack has another exciting free bonus he wants to give you. It’s new video training on the step-by-step system he uses to make profit rich stock trades. He conducted this 1 hour and 20 minute training for an exclusive group of friends, colleagues and students. You get it free if you subscribe now.
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