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  •  How to buy a stock on Tuesday and sell it on Friday with a profit.
  •  The 2 things you must check before your enter your order to buy the stock. 
  •  The secret “signal” that will increase your odds of success by 85% on every trade!
  •  How I discovered the real reasons behind why stock prices move (both up and down)… and… how you can take advantage of this volatility for maximum trading gains, too! What causes more devastating trading loses than any other factor… and how to avoid this pitfall! (Even savvy traders often fall victim to this!)
  •  The dirty money-making secret NASDAQ Market Makers and NYSE Specialists don’t want you to know! (It’s how they rake in fortunes in fast-trading profits… and… if asked about this secret… they’ll deny its existence to their last breath!)
  •  How to avoid being part of the “Dumb Money” crowd! (The “Dumb Money” crowd is the vast majority of investors and traders that make the insiders filthy rich. And unless you know how the insiders play them and the nearly 100% unfair rules of the game… you’ll automatically become part of the “crowd” ) ! 
  •  The rock-solid trading philosophy that has allowed me to have long-term success as a short-term (2 to 10 day) trader Documented proof—in the form of an official CPA report— revealing how I produced a 286.9% return on my money in 12 months using nothing more than a less than part-time account at Schwab… a few free resources… and… my short-term system. (Also, I limited myself to only about 10 trades per month… 30 to 60 minutes at a time. I could’ve—and have—done much, much better… but… I wanted to show how successful my system is in average to below average situations.)
  •  The #1 Secret of my trading success.   
Disclaimer: No financial advice is given or implied. Information provided for educational purposes only. Trading involves risk of loss and may not be suitable for everyone. Never trade with money you can’t afford to lose. There are no guarantee that you will profit from your trading activity. Past performance is no guarantee future results.