“Disillusioned By The Wall Street Game, Ex-Stockbroker, 
NASDAQ Market Maker And Professional Hedge Fund 
Manager Develops New ‘Cheat The Street’ Software That
Delivers Record Trading Profits... Nearly Eliminates 
Losses... And Only Takes 17 Minutes Out Of Your Day!”
Best part: It works in any market conditions... in fact... the potential for runaway trading profits can be even greater on “bad” days! 
Please keep reading because there's a strict 
limit of new Passwords available
From John MacDonald
Financial writer
Tuesday, 9:37 am
Dear Friend,

Do you want to make consistent profit rich stock trades? And do so quickly and easily? If so, then this will be one of the most important letters you’ll ever read! 

Here’s why...

As you may already know, a guy named Jack Carter discovered 7 Secrets Of Profit-Rich Stock Trades! 

He made these amazing discoveries after analyzing his own trades that produced a record 286% in 12 months. 

Unlike other pretend experts, Jack put his own money on the line after he became completely disillusioned with the “Wall Street Game”... and he promised that if he ever discovered the secrets to trading success, he’d share them with as many deserving people as he possibly could. 

He's already done that...


What you may not know is Jack’s now developed new software that makes applying his proven stock trading system, 

                                 Easier And More Automatic! 

It has taken over 20 years and thousands of dollars to perfect this new software… and now… it is causing shockwaves among industry insiders. 

In fact, one professional trader said it’s like... “Cheating The Street!” 

Of course, you’re not really doing anything immoral, illegal or unethical... but... it’s so damn easy, it feels like you are. 

In a few minutes, I’ll tell you how—if you qualify—you can get this software for your own use and profit. 

But first, I want to let you in on a new interview I did with Jack discussing the details of his new software...
The true story behind the amazing software
that forces you to make profit rich stock trades...
JM: Jack, thank you for doing this interview. Can you give me an overview of how this new software came about? 

Jack: Sure. I’ll tell you a little bit about the history of my company and how that has all led to creating the software. 

In 1997, we started publishing a collection of stock and option trading strategies that I had used privately and professionally as a trader. 

And then, three years later, I wanted to put myself in the shoes of the average guy to prove my strategies worked. 

So I opened an account at Schwab and traded in that account 2 or 3 days a week for about an hour at a time. 

Then we took the results of one year’s worth of trades down to a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and asked him for an analysis of the results, which showed that... 

              The Account Was Up 286.9% In A 12-Month Period! 

The results, after 1 year, were great...

The only problem was...
I Still Wasn't Satisfied!
So I went back and analyzed the trading strategies within that CPA report that produced the biggest profits... and... the one strategy that would allow just about anybody to be able to make quick and easy stock trading profits. 

I did a lot of trading in that year and when we gave those trade confirmations to the CPA, there were trades in there like day trades, options trades, and a lot of different short selling, exotic stuff. 

But, like I say, I wanted to pull out the biggest profit-producing strategy and one that was the easiest to use for the average guy to make profit-rich trades even if the stock market is up, down, flat, or choppy. 

The stock trading system I created is designed to get a guy (or gal) into a trade that lasts for 2 to 10 days, or longer if it’s a runaway winner. 

But ideally… we’re going into each trade with a 2 to 10 day timeframe in sight... and... 

We’re Looking To Pick Up $3, $4, $5, $6, $7 (Or More) Per Share On The Trade! 

The success of that system—from the people who’ve used it—has been nothing short of astonishing. 

 We have hundreds of testimonials — people making money you just wouldn’t believe. 

Then in 2002, I took that system and started to work with a software specialist on a software program that was different than anything else in the world and would do all the hard work for you. 

That is, it would find the right stocks for you, then show you when and how to get into the trade... and... show you when and how to exit the trade. 

Now, it’s 2017 and with the new software… it’s just one click of a mouse and you get the exact list of hot stocks to trade (that are 97% certain to go up in price) every single day the stock market is open. 

Plus, the new version is “web based” which means there is no downloading required. Nothing runs on your computer, it all runs "in the cloud", so you can access it from any computer or device like an ipad or even a smartphone. 

Here's how it works...

The Trend Point Software program runs on a data-feed from all the major U.S. exchanges. It scans the NYSE, the AMEX, and the NASDAQ market every day using “end-of-day” data. It scans for five criteria, but the very first one is the key, key, key, KEY piece… and that is… a stock that’s already going up in price... and... the stock has just made... 

                                        A New 52-Week High! 

That’s the KEY criteria… that a stock has made a new 52-week high. 

And this is critical for two reasons...

1. The first reason is that once an object is in motion, it tends to stay in motion. And the easiest way for most people to make money in the stock market is simply to jump on a stock that’s already going up in price. 

And when they find it, ride it up three or four or five bucks, and then bail. So that’s a key thing. 

2. When you’re dealing with these stocks that have hit a new 52-week high, there’s what’s called “a lack of overhead supply.” That’s really critical too because, when there’s a lack of overhead supply, the Specialists on the exchange or the NASDAQ Market Makers (my former colleagues), they really don’t want to sell the stock, so it gets a little more parabolic in its price chart... because... there are no people that own the stock higher than where it is now. 

And as a result, there are not a lot of sellers.

And that’s kind of a nice benefit... and... it acts as “fuel for the fire” so to speak. 

Then, after the software runs the stocks through the “52-week high filter”, it runs them through four more filters until it comes up with a list of hot stocks. 

But you don’t see any of this. 

All you do is get a password from me and log in to a private website and you can use the Trend Point Software and Trader Training right away. 

You just click on the "Stocks Trending Up" button, and a list of stocks will pop up on your computer screen. 

Then all you have to do is put your mouse pointer over the stock symbol in that hot stocks list and click, and you’ll automatically see that stock’s chart in the Trend Point Software.
Now, I want to just back up a little bit and touch on that new 52-week high thing...

Just because a stock has hit a new 52-week high does not mean that it’s automatically going to go up in price. 

But like I say, that’s the single best place to start when you’re looking for trades like that. 

JM: But when you went back through and analyzed those stocks, you found that 97% did go up afterwards. 

Jack: Yes. That was the key piece of research that I focused on in my own trading results. When we analyzed those trades, we found that that new 52-week high was the catalyst—so to speak—for a great trading profit. It ended up being “the common thread.” 

So I studied this phenomenon on my own for years and then I finally got to the point where I could hire a computer programming expert to back-test this for me to tell me if I was really on the right track, statistically speaking. 

So what he did was, he back-tested this phenomenon of a new 52-week high over 6,000 stocks… he back-tested 6,000 times throughout the largest up-and-down market in history, and that’s where... 

  We Discovered That Once A Stock Hit That New 52-Week High -
                        97% Of The Time It Moved Up In Price! 

Now there’s a key thing here with this — just because it hit that new 52-week high, it doesn’t mean we want to jump in there and buy it. The stocks may have moved up a penny or may have moved up ten dollars, so they’re not all a good buy. 

A big part of what I teach you in the video trader training tutorials is exactly how to pick the stocks off the hot stocks list...
So again, the video tutorials show you exactly “how to” pick the right stocks out of that list.  

There are now 13 Video Trader Training Modules online in the member's area of the website and "On Demand" so you can learn at your own pace...

And, if you ever need support, we're here for you.

The other feature that people love is the ability to build a watch list or add a portfolio and see your stocks in Trend Point's color-coded trend points and daily bars...

 Also, I’ve added a new feature to it –— I should say, a new benefit... 

There’s a new button on there that says "Stocks Trending Down” and the same principles and concepts that we applied into finding the "Stocks Trending Up" list, we also programmed into the software to create a list for us of stocks we could sell short... or... for options traders that like to buy Put options on stocks gong down this is perfect.
And that’s really key, because as the market peters sideways or tends to get a little bit weak, having a great list of stocks to sell short means that no matter which way the market is going —up or down—you can still make huge profits. 

And, in reality, your potential for runaway profits going short on stocks can be even greater... because... stocks tend to nose dive in price even faster and farther than they tend to rise! 

JM: So basically, it’s one click… here are the stocks that are going up... or... for whatever reason it’s a bad day—bad economic news, lower-than-expected earnings reports, geopolitical turmoil or whatever—you’ve got an alternate button to click that gives you stocks to short. 

Jack: That’s right. And the other thing to know is that regardless of what’s happening in the broad market, there are always stocks that are what I call “market defying stocks” — stocks that are just marching to the beat of their own drummer. It’s really amazing — what I tell people to do is, either way the market is going, if you want to determine whether or not you want to go long or short, or if you should click on "Stocks Trending Up” or “Stocks Trending Down” first, simply type in the broad market indexes into the Trend Point Software, click the “Go” button, and you’ll instantly see where the broad market is relative to its color-coded trend points. And once you see that, you’ll know exactly whether you should be going long or short. 

But if you’re trading in an IRA account, or if you don’t like to go short, or if you’re not approved to go short... 

                           You Can Potentially Make A Fortune Just
                         From The "Stocks Trending Up” List Alone! 

JM: You talk about trading 17 minutes a day, that’s mostly the hot stocks, right? 

Jack: Yes. The 17 minutes a day… in the video tutorials I go through the list of hot stocks and pick out three that I like. 

And I’ve recorded all that on the video tutorial. But when I went through that “Stocks Trending Up” list, there were maybe 30 or 40 stocks on the list that day, and I went through every one of them in the Trend Point Software where I clicked on each one of them... and... 

     It Only Took Me 13 Minutes And 29 Seconds To Go Through                    The Whole List, Find Three That I Liked, And One 
                                     That I Really Wanted To Buy! 

So I believe that if anybody watches these video tutorials (that only takes about an hour and a half tops), and if they read the manual (which takes about 15 minutes), they can really use this to make all the money they can handle. 

Me: Sounds great! Thanks for taking the time to explain the software. 
Jack: You’re welcome. 

That was the end of our formal interview… however… I also asked Jack if there were any problems or common questions he’s received concerning his new software. 

To which he replied, “Yes, in fact, I have a file here of the most commonly asked questions I have received. Would you like me to read and answer them?” 

To which I replied, “Yes, please.” 

So I turned the tape recorder back on while he ran through the list: 
Frequently Asked Questions...
Commonly Asked Question #1: What type of account should I have? I recommend a person start in a virtual account first. This way they can see their results in real time and build their confidence before they go “live.” 

The bottom-line answer is you really just need any type of basic account, like at Schwab or Ameritrade. You just need any account that lets you enter an order and get an immediate confirmation that your order was executed... and…you need the ability to place a stop order. Most online brokers let you do that. 

Commonly Asked Question #2: How many shares should I trade at one time? It doesn’t really matter how many you trade — but I think you want to trade the same amount of money on your first few trades so you can get an idea of your average profit and average loss. That way, you can go back and use your data that you’ve kept in your trade journal to determine what your average profit is... and... what your average loss is. Then, you can use that to determine where to set your stops. 

JM: That way, you can project out your profits within some kind of reasonable estimate. Like if I traded 500, I would have made this. Or, if I’m able to go to 1,000, all things being equal, this is my profit. 

Jack: Yes! It really helps. And it also helps just to know when you go back over those 20 or 25 trades — that you can add up your profits and divide that by the number of winning trades... and... instantly see what your average gain is when you’re right... and the same thing with your losses. And once you know your average profit and your average loss (out of those prior 20 or 25 trades), you’ve got a real good, clear vision going forward on where you should set your stops and how much profit you want to let yourself make and those kinds of things, just to sharpen your results. 

Commonly Asked Question #3: Do I need to pay a monthly data fee? I get asked this a lot, and it’s common with everybody else’s software that they charge you a monthly data fee. But I provide this data feed free when you get the software. 

JM: What kind of value is that? 

Jack: A data feed like this one would cost anywhere from $600 to $2500 a month… roughly $8,000 to $30,000 a year. 

JM: So the software easily more than pays for itself just in savings that you get from the data feed. 

Jack: Yes. And that’s not even considering the fact that you could pick hot stocks for the rest of your life with this thing and make an untold amount of money. 

Commonly Asked Question #4: I’m a beginner — is it hard to learn? 

No. It’s real easy to learn, especially if you’re a beginner, because you won’t have to unlearn a lot of the misinformation that’s probably in your head already. 

The new video trader training walks you through every step. 

You "meet me at your computer" and I guide you every step. I’ve got guys that have never traded before that are up and running quickly and are doing great. And I’ve got guys that have been around trading in the markets and have never really made any money and they’re having success with this, too. 

Also, we now have some financial institutions that are buying this software and some of these guys are as advanced as it gets and they’re using it. So it works for beginners and advanced traders alike. 

Commonly Asked Question #5: Does it give me buy and sell points? 
Yes and no. If it did give you exact buy and sell points automatically, you probably would not want to use it... because... that means it would be what’s called a “black box system”. And black box systems are dangerous in that, when people don’t understand why the system is generating a buy or sell signal, they end up just following blindly into it and the results are usually very ugly. 

With my system, it gives you a buy and sell point based upon what I’ve taught you about when you should buy and sell in the Trader Training section of the website. 

That way, when you see the Trend Point Software, and you see the color-coded bar charts and you see the color-coded trend points, you’ll instantly recognize the buy and the sell points within that stock’s chart without it having to beep at you or flash you, or just do it on its own. 

And when you use this system, you’re using 80-90% technical analysis that’s built into the software and 10-20% knowledge that is what you learned in the video tutorials and what you learn from me. And when you combine those two things, that produces really strong results. 

So no, it doesn’t give you buy and sell points blindly, but it does give them to you once you’ve watched the video tutorials and learned how to interpret the color-coded bar charts and the color-coded trend points. 

Commonly Asked Question #6: At what point should I place my stop order below the price that I paid for the stock? This is a huge issue and it’s one that I can’t even really get into here in this conversation. But just to let you know, I’ve answered this question 16 ways from Sunday in the video tutorials and in the manual. It’s really important to use stops but, if you use them wrong, they’ll kill you. It’ll be the worst move you can make. So stops are important, but I wouldn’t even think about telling a person to use a stop until and unless they have watched the video tutorials... because... they can be really dangerous if you don’t use them right. I show you exactly how to do this in your Trader Training section 

Commonly Asked Question #7: I’ve tried other systems and software, but I’ve never had much success. How is this different? 
This is different because of the level of confidence you’ll have when you trade with this software. Having confidence when you trade is key. It’s probably the most important building block of success you can have. But you can’t have confidence when you’re getting stock picks from newsletters or websites or stuff like that... because... you don’t understand the principles and the concepts behind why he picked that trade, or the timing involved, or any of those other fundamentals. 

This is different - it’s the only system on earth where you understand “how” the hot stocks are generated... and... you understand how to pick the stocks to trade out of the Stocks Trending Up list — and that’s the big difference. When you have that knowledge—that "between-the-ears" knowledge—and you combine that with this software, the sky’s the limit on what you can produce. So you’re not relying on anything else. You've got it all… everything you need! 

Commonly Asked Question #8: How much money can I reasonably expect to make? 

The answer is: I don’t know you or your abilities so I can’t say. Everything you do in the stock market is risky. Trading stocks is risky. You could lose all or some of your money. I can’t say you’ll make any money at all or not have losses. 

Commonly Asked Question #9: How much money do I need to have to trade? 

I think it’s not so much about an amount of money as it is a “type” of money. You read this in my book that, “scared money”, even if you have $100,000… “scared money” just cannot win. Whereas, if you have risk capital that you could take a lighter to and not cry about it, and you could afford to do that to $5000, that’s all you need to get started with this. 

Commonly Asked Question #10: Does this involve Options or can I trade Options with it? 

Absolutely! You can definitely trade options with the software. In fact, a lot of people that have bought the software do nothing but trade options. Now, my software just makes it that much easier. 

Commonly Asked Question #11: Will this work on any computer? 

Yes. The software runs in the cloud. It’s “web based” so there is nothing to download. That means you can access it from any computer or device. You simply login to the private website using the unique username and password I give you and you get the software and trading. 

Commonly Asked Question #12: Is there a Money Back Guarantee? 

No.  If a person has any qualms about me, my methods or my ability to deliver they should definitely pass on this. And because, once you have the software and the live data feed… you have it. I can’t take it back. Therefore, and I want to say this upfront, don’t buy this software and training unless you are serious about getting rich in the stock market and you are a mature, responsible adult. There’s always a certain amount of risk in trading. And there is a significant investment involved. If you cannot handle it, or you are a wannabe, complainer, or tire kicker, I don’t want you as a customer. However, if you are responsible and serious, I’ll do everything I can to help you make fast and massive profits with my new software.

Commonly Asked Question #13: How much is the software and what exactly will I get?
The software is just $3970.00 for unlimited access.

Here’s what you get… 

1. Trend Point Software: A username and password to the web based Trend Point Software. You can access the software from any computer, tablet or smart phone. 

2. Daily list of stocks.

3. Build your own watch list and add your portfolio. 

4. Trend Point Trader Training. On top of this amazing Trend Point software, you also get new Trend Point Trader Training that walks you through the step-by-step process of using the software to find stocks, entry points and planning your exit. 

In the first part of the training, I walk you through the Trend Point software dashboard and give you an overview of all the features and what they do. This is where I show you how to click on the Hot Stocks List so it will give us a list of stocks that meet our criteria. This is where you will find every stock you ever trade. 

Next… I train you to use the color-coded Trend Points charts so you know exactly which stocks to pick from the list of stocks you get with the software. To make sure you get this part down pat, I give you video training on how to pick the best stocks. In this video training, you will “meet me at your computer” and watch me go through the Hot Stocks List that Trend Point gives you and pick the best ones to trade using the Trend Point charts.

After we have a list of cherries, I teach you how to enter your trade and the best time to do it. I’ll show you how to use the daily color-coded bars so you’ll know exactly what to look for when entering your trade. 

Next I’ll teach you when to exit your trade, how to take a profit and how to protect yourself on every trade using the color-coded daily Trend Point chart to limit your losses and lock in your profits. 

You will know how to use the Trend Points and daily colored coded bars to know when to stay in the stock or sell it. 

5. Email support.

6. Free software and training updates for as long as you are a subscriber.

With this software and training… 

                       You’ll Get The Results You Want Faster 
                           Than You Ever Could On Your Own!

You know, when we started publishing in 1997, I had my ears open and I would listen to my clients. 

They’ve told me they don’t have a lot of time to find stocks and do homework and research.

They need confidence because they’re still unsure going into these things. 

And I’ve addressed all those issues and really I’ve made this for the people that I’ve had for the last twelve years as I was listening to what they wanted, I created this software to be exactly that. 

It’s what they want... it’s what I use, it’s based on the system that I’ve been using for twelve years and I still use the Trend Point Software myself, and it’s picking out and getting us into hot trades even when the overall market is flat, choppy and sideways.  

This software works great. I recently gave this software to a professional hedge fund trader—on the condition that he’d give me his comments and feedback—and he clicked on the “Hot Stocks” and he went through that whole thing and I asked him, “What do you think I should sell this for?” and he said “At least $20,000.00”. 

And he was looking at it from the perspective of, “If this helps me make a quarter of a million dollars this year without even trying, I think twenty grand is about right!” So I don’t know what it’s worth — I think it’s worth way more than the $3970.00 we charge for it.

      (End of Conversation.)  

As Jack said above, due to the nature of this software and the live data feed… it is sold on an “as is” basis. You get the software, training, support and all updates free for life!  

However, what he didn’t mention in our conversation is… there’s…

                                       A Strict Limit Of 500
                                      Trend Point Software
                                        Packages Available!  

That is, Jack is limiting the number of packages sold because if too many people are accessing the data feed and using the system, it could possibly dilute its effectiveness. 

And he definitely doesn’t want that. 



         He Uses This Software To Trade Every Single Day Too! 

And he certainly wants a handsome return on his investment!

Therefore, there is a serious but fair investment involved, no guarantees and a strict limit of 500 packages to be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. 

In fact, Jack wants to take this even a bit farther...  

He will not sell this software and training to anyone before he has spent a few minutes with them on the phone. 

That 1 phone call helps him determine if this software and training can truly be of benefit to you. 

To get started, tap here to apply now...

Sincerely, John MacDonald 

P.S. At the top of the first page you may have noticed that wrote there is a strict limit of "passwords" available for this new software.  I didn’t have time to change the number throughout the letter… but… at the time of this writing—the actual number we have left is 37 spots available. So, you’ve got to hurry to get in on this deal.  Apply now, because time and available passwords to use the software are extremely limited. 

P. S. One more thing. I’m not sure but I believe Jack holds the world’s record for making the fastest day trading profits. Making over $1,000 in 60 seconds day trading stocks on your laptop computer in your bathrobe hardly seems fair, I know. And, in truth, the strategy behind the profit is so effective it should probably be illegal. He wrote a report about it which was originally titled: A Former “Dirty” Nasdaq Market Maker’s Fast Money Secret For Legally Making The Largest, Fastest Day Trading Profits Known To Man… Even When Everyone Else Gets Slaughtered By Unpredictable Market Swings! 

This report is the most revealing and exciting report ever written about day trading and explosive profits. 

So, just in case you do have an interest in day trading, he is including a free copy of this killer “fast money” day trading report with his stock trading material.    
Here's What People Are Saying About Trend Point...
Results NOT typical. Individual results vary.
Dear Jack,
I have used Trend Point for over 2 years. The first year I made a profit of and paid taxes on $846,000.00. The 2nd year I was pre-occupied with my wife’s terminal cancer. I only made $320,000.00 that year. Now I am in my third year and doing very fine thank you. Big tax bill coming up!
Morris F.

Mr. Carter: This is a letter of gratitude that I have wanted to write since purchasing your Trend Point Trading software. This software is without a doubt the best investment I’ve ever made. It has been everything that you said it would be and much, much more. The software paid for itself in the first day! I have continued to make money consistently with the application of this brilliant idea you have developed. I have made more than $50,000 since ordering your product. Thank you for the opportunity to obtain something real that truly works and that I was able to put to work the day I received it. I look forward to utilizing any other products you may develop in the future!
C. Marsh

Hi Jack,
Just a note to tell you how much I like your Trend Point Software. Very easy to use. I only recently have started to use it because of other commitments. Had I known it was this easy I would have made time sooner. I bought 588 shares of CE at 36.67. It’s currently at 40.96 for a profit of $2,522.52 and still going up.
Tom L.

I have gotten excellent results from using the Trend Point software. I have picked a number of winners from the Hot Stock list and by using the trailing stop loss technique, I have been able to lock in gains and limit losses. What I have found especially useful is using the software to decide when to buy a stock I want to own from a fundamental viewpoint. The software helps me decide when to initiate a position and when to add to my position. The software also helps me get a better understanding of tops and bottoms of a stock and when it is best to exit a position. I consult the Trend Point software in all of my trades. It is hard to tell how much money I have made using the software, but it is in excess of $50,000 so far.
Paul H.

Just a note to tell you how your TREND POINT software helped me. With it, in just a few minutes I have a list of plays, all of which are “live.” By following your system my win size increased and my win/loss ratio has improved. Last year I completely offset my loss carryover from 2005 of over $60,000. I expect even more this year.
Robert W.

I would like to thank you for your hard work. I think I have bought perhaps all of your educational materials. I have to compliment you because you literally infected me with your spirit and a real teaching skill. The same holds for your software. Trend Point is just simply very cool in all respects. It has been working just fine…you must be really proud of yourself. Just a very fine piece of software. Keep up the good work.
Sincerely and with respect,
J. B.  

Since about January, I’ve made several thousand dollars on a small personal trading account that I maintain with Scottrade primarily by using the techniques outline in your course as well as through the use of the Trend Point software.
Ted D.

Dear Jack: I have been using your Trend Point Trading Software for 14 months and it really delivers. Started with $20,000 and the account is now worth just over $38,000. Your software together with your trading tips are the best money making ideas I have ever used. Thanks again and keep up the great work. 
David C.

Dear Jack,
I am a retired Mechanical Engineer and have played the option market for the last 20 years or so with mixed results. I attended Optionetics and other seminars, bought books and software—nothing really worked consistently. Back in October, 06, I bought your Trend Point Trading and my “luck” changed. Since early 2007 my portfolio increased by 30% and the losing trades are now less then 15%. I learned now the fact, that all the knowledge about option strategies alone does not help—you have to be able to find the right stock first. Your software is just doing that with great success. Thank you Jack.
Best regards,
George F.

Hello Jack,
I owe you a gigantic debt of gratitude, until now my efforts in the stock markets have been unprofitable at best, and down right lousy on the other end of the spectrum. Your TREND POINT SOFTWARE changed all of that, I have retired from my job as a Regional V.P. for a safety shoe company and am spending time with my 13 year old daughter and 7 year old son. I am averaging a very comfortable amount weekly and have socked more away in the last few months than I was able to do in the past 10 years. I have set some outlandish goals for myself in the next couple of years and I’m very certain that I’ll reach them with the assistance of your TREND POINT software, when I do you’ll definitely hear from me again. When you come to Chicago, the deep dish pizza is on me. THANKS My Friend, from me & my family.
Most Sincerely,
Benjamin R.

Hi Jack,
Your Trend Point Software is a godsend. Works great. Can’t tell you exactly how much I made (but guess in about $50,000, net, in past 12 months), but your charts have been right about 75% of the time. I scroll around your info and chars (on the long side) and buy a specific stock just because the chart says ‘buy’. Get out when the chart says ‘sell’. Guess in that method has netted me about $40,000 in the past 12 months. 
 Thanks for your good work,
Irv B.

Jack, I’ve made a pile of money using your Trend Point Software. Made $22,000 on one trade in 10 days! Not unusual to make $3,000 and up using your software on each trade. Very simple to use. I’m now using it to help me select stocks for option trades. One of the best decisions I ever made to help my trading was to purchase Trend Point.
Best regards to you,
Pete F.

Thanks for the system. I appreciated learning about a program that can work in trading the market. Mastering a principle is more important than stumbling on a lucky trade. I regret having to start with a small stake of 5K, but have now doubled it, and look forward to what now promises to be an satisfying experience.
Alfred K.

The Trendpoint allows me to then monitor the progress of the stock and although a little bit trickier than buying, when to sell is a lot easier. My success rate has gone from 80% losers to 85% winners! The Hot Stocks button is also even easier to use if you follow the rules. I have made money in 3 out of 4 trades here.
Thank you again,
Jack L. DVM

Dear Jack,  
 There are several observations I might make on the program: 1. It is unbelievably easy to use. I am able to quickly decide which stocks are possibly “plays”. 2. My decision-making on stocks is determined within seconds. (Either up or down). 3. I am making far fewer mistakes on stock picks. 4. I have found it more than helpful when determining options. Puts or call trades are much less confusing because Trend Point software is able to quickly direct me in the correct direction. Finally, your directions have made it possible to get right up to speed and trade and far better than I have had in the past. Having the Trend Point program for about a couple of years, I would not trade without having this tool at my disposal.
William K.

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